Our Story

TOUGHER was founded in 2015 after reaching my peak of frustration over how poorly women are served by the workwear industry. I was simply tired of shopping for menswear when other apparel categories had boundless options for women.

Our Passion

We serve the millions of women in professional trades (i.e. farmers, construction workers, forestry professionals, and field scientists), as well as at-home craftwomen.

Our focus is designing the best fitting workwear for women with modern designs. There are plenty of heritage brands out there, we believe in bringing you the best in innovation.

Our Vision

Hundreds of women have shared with us that they are sick of looking like a "dude" or like they are wearing a feed sack on a job site. They are tired of the constantly tugging and adjusting their menswear throughout the day. They are tired of the chafing from ill-fitting clothes.

We will give them something to cheer about. We will give women the recognition and product attention they deserve!

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