Leather Work Gloves


Made of Soft + Flexible Deerskin Leather.


If you’re a rancher, landscaper or otherwise tough worker, your livelihood rests in your hands. Few things are as important as proper protection, dexterity and comfort over long, demanding days. Gloves that fit properly are gloves that don’t slip or chafe: the kind of gloves you need for mending fences, clearing brush or stacking firewood. Our Tougher Leather Work Gloves are sized according to the actual width and length of your hands, so they’re the closest thing to custom-made.

After a lot of testing and trying, we decided to make our gloves from buttery soft deerskin, which is softer, more flexible and longer wearing than cowhide. Unlike cheaper hides, these gloves won’t go brittle or develop tears. They’re thin enough that you can pick up nails and screws, but durable enough to last for seasons.

  • Designed specifically for women's hands.
  • Multiple sizes for the best fit possible.
  • Numerical sizes match your hand’s measurement in inches. To find the best fit, please measure your hand and check our Sizing Guide before ordering.

The Leather

  • Deerskin is the softest, stretchiest and longest-wearing leather out there.
  • Thin, flexible feel gives tactile sense for light to mid-duty work.
  • High-quality tanned leather is colorfast; won’t transfer dye in wet conditions.
  • Leather is machine-washable; air dry them and they’ll still be as soft as when you started.

I love my Tougher gloves! I work on a ranch and use them mostly for putting in hay and firewood, fixing barbed wire fence, and general ranch work. – Elizabeth

The Rest

  • Palm patch for reinforced durability.
  • Side-release buckle (10mm or 0.39in) keeps your pair together; a safety release prevents gloves from being caught on heavy machinery.
  • Sewn-in elastic band at half-wrist for pulling gloves on and off.

I'm a wildland firefighter and have been running chainsaws since I was 10 … My new work gloves arrived recently, and after putting them on once, they're already far beyond worth it. – Annie 

The Fine Print

  • Made in Oregon, USA.
  • This item normally ships within 1-2 business days.
  • Free shipping. Exchanges and returns are accepted (customer pays return shipping cost).

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    Excellent gloves and great customer service!
    Leather gloves are good
    The BEST gloves EVER, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!
    fit like a glove


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